Akira, the fifty-sixth child of Shirona of the Snow Village in Mount Iwaki ( (いわ) () (やま) (ゆき) (さと) (しろ) () () () (じゅう) (ろく) () (あきら) , Iwakiyama yukisato shirona no gojuuroku shi Akira?) or simply Akira ( (あきら) , Akira?) is the fifty-sixth child of the snow village in mount Iwanki, a Snow Kemono. He's currently an employee of the Kemono office.


Despite being male, Akira has a very feminine appearance. When Kabane met him for the first time he mistook him for a very pretty girl. Akira has blue eyes and very light blue hair.

He wears a blue shirt with white cuffs and collar. Around his neck, he wears a bolo tie in the shape of a blue rose. He also wears white pants, which has three black buttons, with suspenders. They cut off around halfway his calves. For shoes, he wears white mary janes with black socks.


Akira is a very energetic and approachable person but sometimes clumsy, sometimes even not being able to achieve tasks properly. He also likes cute things and is seen constantly talking selfies to commemorate what he feels and currently doing. Akira is very fragile and gets grossed out and gets scared easily to the sight of insect, other dirty things and when in danger. However, despite these weaknesses, Akira can be seen as a reliable friend, willing to overcome his fears just to save his friends.


Akira came to Inugami to look for his older brother. Before coming to Tokyo, he lives deep in the mountains of Aomori with his family. However, when they tried to ran away, they got separated. [2]

Powers & Abilities

Because Akira is a Yuki-onoko he posses the powers the species are known for. It should be noted that it takes him a lot of concentration to use his powers and because of this isn't very good at controling them. [2]

  • Cryokinesis: Akira has the power to control and create ice. Currently, he's only capable of creating ice in the presence of water. [2]
  • Rikka Manifestation - Gengen: Akira has the ability to manifest his ancestors powers and coat himself in snow, enhancing his physical abilities and even giving him the ability to fly.[3]


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  • He has been employed for 1 year and two months. [1]
  • He uses his paycheck on clothes, knick-nacks and sweets.[1]
  • Akira is against being on full display. [4]
  • He wears an apron when cooking, because he thinks aprons are cute. [4]
  • He likes udon (hates wasabi). [5]
  • Akira's design may be a reference to Yukiko Hime of Dororon Enma-Kun.


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