Aya Tademaru (蓼丸 (たでまる) (あや) , Tademaru Aya?) is the younger sister of Shiki Tademaru and revealed to be the Golden Spider Webbing.


Aya is a young girl with long hair. She wears a short-sleeved dress with a collar.


When first introduced Aya seemed to be shy and innocent to those around her. However, she is quickly revealed to be quite confident, loud-mouthed and bratty- especially to Shiki. Despite being described as obnoxious by others, Aya is kind and often tries to help those that need her abilities.


Aya is the result of many experiments of Akio Tademaru to be able to create the golden silk. She had the healing thread powers when she was born.


Shiki Arc

Aya sees Kabane and Shiki in a souvenir shop, but says nothing. Later, when the group faces Akio Tademaru and fight the kemono he created, Aya appears in front of Kohachi Inugami and Akira and tells the kemono to not attack them. As Inugami is poisoned, she takes him to a spring, where she guesses it has healing effects as she had seen kemono drinking from it and getting better. Dipping his hand into the spring, Inugami heals his poisoned arm. Aya then asks them for help and that she needs Akio alive as she needs something from him.

Returning to Kabane, Shiki and Akio, Aya confronts Akio wanting to know where he hid the cocoon she made. Realizing that way she can't leave him or kill him, Akio doesn't want to reveal it. Inugami then offers his service as detective and calls Mihai Florescu, who recalls Akio's previous investigation resulting in he often checking four locations, one of which is a spring with certain flowers around it. Shiki recalls those are his mothers favorite flowers and Aya realizes the cocoon she made must have started to dissolve in the water, which results in the spring healing powers. They get to the spring and Shiki goes in it. As he emerges, he confirms that he found a cocoon with his mother in it. Aya is glad she found her and reveals she is the Golden Thread.


  • Healing Powers:
  • Regeneration ability


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Shiki Arc


Shiki Tademaru

Kumi Yamagumonoko

Akio Tademaru


  • Her favorite fashion style is cool and sport. [2]
  • Her least favorite fashon style is frilly and childish. [2]
  • She went to a thrift shop when she first came to Tokyo. [2]
  • She is against being on full display. [3]
  • She wears an apron when cooking because she doesn't want to get her clothes dirty. [3]


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