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Intrusion (潜入, Sen'nyū?) is the fifth episode of Kemono Jihen anime series.



A longtime acquaintance of Inugami, the vampire Mihai, has been staying at the office. Kabane and the others unexpectedly end up in an arm-wrestling competition with him, but are outclassed by the extraordinary vampiric power that he possesses.


Mihai, a vampire, is a tenant at the detective agency and an old acquaintance of Inugami. Kabane and his friends have a chance to arm-wrestle with him, but they are defeated by the unusual power of the vampire.


Mihai introduces himself.

Kabane is cleaning the office when he is dragged by someone into a room. Akira and Shiki approaches Inugami since they are concerned about him suddenly disappearing. The three run to the room at the end of the hallway to which Kabane is cleaning and see Kabane following the orders of a certain Mihai. Akira and Shiki is shocked to see Mihai living in the room all this time. Mihai then introduces himself and declares Kabane as his official waitperson. Kabane then obliges to it without any hesitation.Inugami proceeds to tell the group about Mihai and orders them to stay away from him.

The next day, Shiki and Akira again see Kabane at Mihai's room ordering him around. Shiki aggressively tells Mihai to not treat Kabane as a slave. As a response to Shiki's statement, Mihai proposes a deal that if they beat him in arm wrestling, he will set Kabane free. However, Shiki loses every time and Akira tells him that he can win against him. Suddenly, Kabane offers to arm-wrestle Mihai. However, Kabane is also defeated just like Shiki. Inugami tells Akira and Shiki that Mihai is toying with them and has a brute strength, considering he is a vampire.

Kabane and Kon engage in a match.

As Kabane goes out to buy supper, he thinks about his defeat with Mihai and tells himself to get stronger. At the park, Kabane encounters Kon. Kon reveals that Inari doesn't need Kabane's head anymore and as soon as she brought Kabane's head to her, she saw another kitsune serving her. Kabane offers Kon in a match. The two engage in a match and Kon loses. She cries over her loss and being weak.

Back at the office, Inugami is shocked to see Mihai leave his room. Mihai reveals that his arm is broken by Kabane and will take one week to heal, hence he can't play games and decides to help Inugami in his work. Mihai accepts a job with no permission of Inugami.

Erika Kaga sucks the brains of the worker.

Back at the park, Kabane comforts Kon and falls asleep. Kabane then offers Kon to stay at their place however Kon refuses saying she can't live with a tanuki and proposes she can live with Kabane at the park. Kabane refuses saying that he has a chore and will be back soon. At the office, Mihai tells the three about new case.

Shiki is seen training - using his sweat to produce silks. Akira and Kabane is seen arriving at the Bug Bite Electronics. Mihai leads and instructs them remotely. It is revealed that Inugami is locked in a room. Shiki manages to enter the building, with Mihai's Mihai Magnum as a companion. While surveying the place, Shiki stumbles upon a room full of workers. Suddenly, a worker goes out of the room, crying out of desperation. While trying to leave, the worker is stopped by the manager Kaga and lures the worker in an empty room. Upong turning the lights on, the worker is attacked by and his brains were sucked by a kanonba. After a while, the worker stands up and goes to the worker room.

Shiki avoiding to make any noise.

Mihai approaches Inugami and asks about the mosquito-like kemonos. Mihai relays the information to the three. Kabane tells that they should attack them considering that there is also three of them but Shiki's plan is different, saying that they should take a different route. Seeing how cautious they act, Mihai decides to have fun and uses his Mihai Magnum to make noise. Erika Kaga goes out and sees the device. The sisters split up to check the building for any intruders. However, Shiki's camouflage is seen by one of the sisters and jsut as one of the sisters try to attack him, Mihai uses the Mihai Magnum to electrify it. Shiki then trembles after the encounter which made Mihai become more interested in playing with him.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Manga and Anime Differences

  • In the manga, the members of the agency talks about Kabane's anniversary at the place and Kabane approaching Inugami to talk about the new moon. [1] This is omitted in the anime.
  • Kabane just got out of the bath when he is dragged in Mihai's room. [1] However in the anime, Kabane is cleaning in the place when this happened.
  • Kids are seen cheering for Kabane and Kon while they are in their match. [1] In the anime, the two are alone in the park.
  • Mihai is seen locking Inugami in his room. [2] However in the anime, Inugami is seen already locked in the room.
  • Reika Kaga calls the CEO of the building to report the current situation of the company. [2] This is omitted in the anime.


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