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Home (故郷, Furusato?) is the seventh episode of Kemono Jihen anime series.



In search of a lead on Shiki's parents, Kabane and the others head to his hometown of Kinshigo, where they meet up with his uncle, Akio Tademaru. The others don't know what to say to Shiki when he learns about his parents, but then Nobimaru turns up.


Kabane and his friends go to Kinshigo, Shiki's birthplace, in search of clues about his parents, and meet Akio Tademaru, Shiki's uncle. Kabane and Akira are at a loss for words to say to Shiki after hearing about his parents from Akio. Then, a kitsune boy named Nobimaru appears, who is said to be Inari's subordinate.


Kabane, Shiki, Akira, and Inugami arrive at Kinshigo.

Inugami, Akira, Tademaru, and Kusaka are on their way to Kinshigo in order to meet Shiki's parents. Upon arriving, Inugami takes care of their lodge. Meanwhile, the others visit a souvenir place. Shiki notices a young girl enter the shop. After a while, Inugami arrives with Akio Tademaru, Shiki's uncle. The group goes to the forest. Akio introduces himself as Shiki's father younger brother and someone who knows a lot about kemono. Akio then goes straight to the issue about Shiki's mother. He reveals that together with his brother, they went to the forest to learn about the legend of Nishikugumo and that's where they encountered Shiki's mother and the rest of the story has been already told to Shiki.

Akira and Kabane worries about Shiki and when Shiki arrives, they ask him about the news. Shiki reveals that both of his parents are dead. Later, Kabane, Akira, and Shiki is seen bathing. Suddenly, Nobimaru appears and since he saw that there are only three of them in the bath house, he reveals himself as a kitsune. Noticing that the three seems down, he suggests for them to go explore the forest since there are fireflies.

Nobimaru finds a catherer at the cabin.

The four then arrives at the forest and sees a bunch of fireflies. Kabane gives his thanks to Nobimaru and Nobimaru says he is happy for him. While wandering, Shiki finds a familiar tree and says that he used it as a landmark. Suddenly, he remembers that he used to go right from the tree. Shiki then starts to run and founds a cabin. He remembers that time that at the other side of the door, is something that is way more disgusting. As Shiki opens the door, he recalls what he saw when he was young, it was her mom being impregnated by a kemono.

As they follow Shiki at the cabin, Nobimaru finds a artificial insemination catheter and wonders why is it there. He also finds blood and scratch marks. Nobimaru then suddenly remembers a certain kemono incident, in which a certain item called "healing silk appeared in the human market and Inari supressed it before it became public however a certain human was blacklisted. Meanwhile, Inugami goes to Akio's room and tells him he wants to have an adult conversation with him.

Shiki asks about his mother's condition (flashback).

Nobimaru reveals the man that is blacklisted to be "Akio Tademaru". Nobimaru further tells that the place and the kemono incident is related and the place is used as a test site to create the Golden Spider Webbing. Shiki recalls his memories when he was young, when he tried to save his mother from the monster but suddenly felt a flow on his head and lost consciousness. Upon waking up, he sees his uncle that his mother is safe however her injuries are severe and will take long time to recover. At some point, Shiki felt like his uncle was lying and he ran from the truth. He realized that he should have questioned his uncle that time since he believes his mother won't throw him away.

Akio celebrating his sucess in obtaining the Golden Silk.

Shiki then tells Nobimaru that they want each other to share information. Shiki then tells them that he don't wanna go by hus gut by if all are connected, he won't forgive his uncle and kill him. Shiki asks Kabane if he is gonna stop him to which Kabane responds that he won't be stopping him since he chose it and offers if he there is anything he can help. Shiki gives his thanks to Kabane.

Meanwhile, at the forest, Inugami is having a conversation with Akio. While Akio is telling him that when goes to Kinshi-go sometimes, he remembers things. Inugami mentions the Golden Spider Webbing. Akio becomes frozen and tells Inugami that he keeps getting on his way and what did he do wrong. Inugami then asks Akio how it was born. Akio confesses his doings to whichi it was revealed that all this time, Shiki is listening to their conversation through call and Shiki restrains Akio.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Manga and Anime Differences

  • The part where they prepare for the trip is ommitted. [1]
  • The young girl is reading a book in a room before Inugami arrives. [1]In the anime, she is seen outside looking at the flowers.
  • Akio is seen staying inside a traditional house. However, in the anime, he is seen staying inside a modern house. [1]


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