Ghouls (屍鬼 (クーラー) , Kūrā?, lit. "Corpse ghost/devil"), or Khoulars [1], are Kemono that are considered a type of demon.


Currently, the only known half human ghoul is Kabane. Animals who turned into ghouls have red eyes and some patches seem to appear on their skin.

Ghouls do not have any blood, because of this they aren't affected by things like anesthesia.[2] While they do not possess any blood a ghoul hybrid, at least Kabane, have something white in their bodies.[3]


  • Immortality: Ghouls are unable to die even if they are killed. It will, however, be unable to move if their head is separated from their bodies. [2]
  • Regeneration:
  • Pain nullity: Ghouls are unable to feel pain.[4]
  • Immense Strength:

Known Ghouls



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