Homuramaru Nowaki ( () (わき) (ほむら) (まる) , Nowaki Homuramaru?) or simply Nobimaru (野火丸, Nobimaru?) is the subordinate of Yoko Inari. He is also the leader of the Special Investigation Unit.


Nobimaru appears as a young boy with short blond hair. He has a mole under the left side of his mouth. He always wears headphones to conceal his fox ears. He usually wears suit with short pants.

In his teenage form, he wears a suit and an oversized coat with a leopard print coat.


He has a polite and elusive personality. He always follows and iniate Inaris order to him without any hesitation. On the other hand, he sometimes shows his ruthless and brutal side, obliterating enemies with his own power if he feels he doesn't need them.

Although he faithfully follows Inari's orders, he disliked Inari secretly and acted according to his own considerations.

Powers & Abilities

  • Replication: Nobimaru is able to replicate himself, producing many copies of himself to confuse the enemy. [2]
  • Transformation: Nobimaru is able to change his form from kid to an adult.[3]


Kabane Kusaka

Nobimaru insists Kabane is a friend, and has been shown to help out with situations when asked for. Whether he truly sees Kabane as a friend is unknown, though he is on Kabane's "friend list".

Umetaro Matsutake

Umetarou owes his debt to him.


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Introduction Arc


  • He wears an apron when he cooks, thinking that he's cute when he cooks with an apron on.[4]
  • He is not against being on full display.[4]
  • He likes soba.[5]
  • His preferred type is someone who would fall down to hell with him.[6]


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