Until yesterday, I grew up thinking I was abandoned too. I didn't have anything to hope for. It was all dark. There weren't any lights in my life before yesterday. But Mr. Inugami gave me a light so I won't let it all go out.
— Kabane to Shiki, [1]

Kabane Kusaka (日下 (くさか) 夏羽 (かばね) , Kusaka Kabane?) is a half-ghoul, half-human, who is in possession of a life calculus, an extremely rare white stone capable of shielding a Kemono's 'thirst', left to him by his unknown parents. Wanting to know who his parents are, he joined the Kemono Office agency in order to look for them.


Kabane has a short stature and pale appearance. He has a short black hair. Originally, he only wears the clothes provided by his aunt which are bathouse clothes. When recruited by Inugami at the detective office, he wears a black short sleeve hoodie with a skeleton print and baggy sweatpants, originally Shiki's clothes. He also wears a simple pair of shoes. and is seen wearing a pair of black gloves.

When transformed into his kemono appearance, his eyes become red. A horn is also seen on his head and parts of his body changes its color. His arm enlargens and becomes red and quite veinous in appearance.


Kabane is quite emotionless due to being raised neglectfully; he is blunt when it comes to responses and could possibly be considered stupid and clueless about things. When in battle he does not consider his own well being, he only seeks to stop the enemy. Despite his lack of emotions, Kabane is a good kid who cares for his friends and strives to protect them. Through the course of his life, Kabane becomes more expressive and less naive due to his interactions with others.


Kabane has been taken care of by his aunt since he was young, as favor of her older sister, Kabane's mother. Since then, Kabane has lived with his aunt, Mrs. Kusaka and cousin, Yataro at the Deer Village and was given a job to work where he wouldn't be around anyone due to his smell. [2]

Powers & Abilities

Kabane healing his wounds.

  • Regeneration: Kabane is able to regrow body parts that have been ripped off. Even as to being decapitated, he can regrow his body. [4] His regeneration powers are also seen even his body is burnt leaving only his skull alone. Due to this, his regeneration powers are utilized by Nobimaru to defeat Yui. [5] However, there are restrictions to his regenative powers, he cannot regrow back his body when enclose in a small space like a suitcase. [4] If his body is set on flames, there is a possibility that the rate at which he burns will exceed the way he regenerates, possibly resulting to his body breaking down. [6] When decapitated, his separated body cannot be attached back to his head, hence, the separated body will remain as a corpse.

Kabane detaching his arm.

    • Regenerative Healing Powers: Kabane can heal from any physical wounds at a fast rate. [4]
  • Immortality:Because Kabane is half-ghoul he cannot die but will stop moving if he is decapitated.
  • Superhuman Strength:Kabane has shown immense strength.
  • Pain nullity: Because Kabane is half-ghoul, he doesn't feel pain. [7]
  • Body Dismemberment: Kabane can separate a part of his body and use it however he means. [8]


Manga Appearances
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Introduction Arc

Shiki Arc

Intermission Arc

Akira Arc

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Introduction Arc


  • (to Mr. Inugami) "I learned that love is a kind of light. You taught me that my life can have meaning. I think that counts as a light. I also learned that you give the person a gift that will help them out. Tissues are useful so I thought hey would help you out." [9]
  • (to Akira about killing) "I don't kill unless I have to. When the time comes to kill, I kill. If they attack with the intent to kill me, I like to think that makes us even." [10]
  • "I need to train more. I won't die, so I'll be fine but I'd hate to be unable to protect everyone at the office." [11]


  • "Kusaka" is his aunt's last name.
  • Kabane has a habit of smiling wide when he's lying. [12]
  • Kabane is a cat person. [13]
  • Kabane is not against being on full display. [14]
  • Kabane does not wear an apron when cooking, particulary he doesn't care about it. [14]
  • He doesn't particularly like udon or soba more. He just wants to eat ramen with everybody. [15]


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