Kaede Hanagata (花形花楓, Hanagata Kaede?) is a member of the Special Investigation Unit, headed by Nobimaru, under Inari's command.


Kaede has a large and firm body. He has piercings on both ears and tattoos from the left shoulder to the left arm.


Kaede is the exact opposite of Akagi. Kaede has a bright and friendly personality even greeting strangers with a cheerful smile. But in reality he is self-centered, uninterested in others, ferocious, cruel, and very warlike. Sometimes considered as a little bit of an "airhead", when doing his job, he tends to act recklessly and just do whatever he wants. However, when given a job, he does not hesitate to kill anyone that prevents him from accomplishing it.


Powers & Abilities

  • Fire Manipulation': Kaede can manipulate fire and the flames are powerful enough to burn up the Yashima Temple. This can be done by simpling rubbing his fists




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