Kazuaki Akagi (赤城一秋, Akagi Kazuaki?) is a member of the Special Investigation Unit, headed by Nobimaru, under Inari's command.



Akagi has a calm personality. Because of his calm and collected personality, he plays the role of a stopper to control the outburst of Kaede as a buddy. He is also the type of person not idle enough to deal with trivial matters.


Ever since he is a child, he has been taking medications because of his mysophobia. Even though he doesn't have an inferiority complex being unable to use flames, he felt a harshness to life. One day, he was approached by Nobimaru and agrees to join the Special Investigation since then, with Kaede as his work partner.

Powers & Abilities

  • Illusion Manipulation: Akagi has the power to manipulate illusions. However, he cannot perform his illusions since he's a germophobe and can't use his abilities without tissues.




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