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Kemono (怪物 (けもの) , Kemono?, lit. "Monster") are magical beings with a number of powers and abilities.


Kemonos live off by feeding all of the energies humans give off. [1]


Kemono can be classified into broader groups than tanuki or kitsune.

  • Demon Clans: They are at the top of the food chain and possess high physical capabilities. They are omnivorous, but their appetite includes a different feeling of hunger that requires humans.[2] Known types include Oni, Vampires, and Ghouls.
  • Beastman Clans: After the demon clans, they have the second-highest physical capabilities. They possess a form similar to man and beast and are omnivorous.[3]
  • Insect Clans: They are omnivorous and peristaltic. Additionally, they possess jointed legs and dwell primarily above ground.[4]
  • Marine Clans: Primarily dwelling underwater, they possess scales and shells and are omnivorous.[5]
  • Plant Clans: They possess chlorophyll and undergo photosynthesis.[6]
  • Spirit Clans: Formless and full of mystery. They are known to not produce.[7]


  • Arachne: They are spider Kemono that can create threads for different uses.
  • Dullahan: Kemono that are capable of removing their own heads.
  • Formless Kemono: Kemono without a physical form, appearing as a mass of dark clouds that can take away the features from their victims.[8]
  • Frog Kemono: Giant frog beings that live in rivers.
  • Ghoul: Bloodless demons, they are able to regenerate from just a head.
  • Kappa: Kemono from Kyushu that love Kappa Wrestling, females tend to be stronger than the males. The Purity Calculus is guarded by them.
  • Kanonba: Mosquito Kemono that feed on the blood, organs, and brains of humans.
  • Kijimuna: Beings native from Okinawa, they are known to be an easygoing clan of Kemono. They are the holders of the Sky Calculus.
  • Kitsune: Fox Kemono that are capable of using illusions and fire.
  • Nekomata: They are cat Kemono with forked tails, capable of assuming human form to seduce humans.
  • Oni: Horned beings that are capable of growing bigger when angered.
  • Serpent: Snake Kemono, only the reincarnation of the Water God is capable of using the Stream Calculus.
  • Snow Kemono: Beings that are able to control snow and ice. Females are called Yuki-onna while males are called Yuki-onoko.
  • Tanuki: Tanuki Kemono that are able of shapeshifting.
  • Tesso: Rat Kemono from the Shiga Prefecture, the previous owner of the Earth Calculus was Raigo of an unspecified generation, who has at least 40 grandchildren.
  • Vampire: Powerful Kemono that have eternal youth and immortality.


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