Kohachi Inugami (隠神 (いぬがみ) 鼓八千 (こはち) , Inugami Kohachi?) is a kemono bakedanuki running a kemono detective agency in Tokyo. After meeting Kabane, he took him with him in order to help him find his parents.


Inugami is a fit and tall man who has a puffy yellow hair which reaches just below his shoulders to which the hair on the front flows on his right side of the face, which covers his right eye. He also has droopy eyes.

He wears a khaki-like colored suit vest over his deep green long sleeve shirt which are rolled on his arms, together with a pair green tie. He also wears a khaki-like colored pants and oxford shoes. He is also sometimes seen wearing a rimless tinted oval shaped glasses and a fedora hat.

In his tanuki form, his fur is a mix of brown and yellow.


Inugami is basically a calm person who doesn't like conflict and is kind enough to follow Kabane and the others casually. When he introduces Kabane as a new employee of the Inugami Detective Agency, Shiki and Akira don't seem to fully trust him, but he does not show any interest, saying, "Just get along with them".

However, he does not seem to be bad at taking care of them, as he advises Shiki and Akira to also "get along" when Kabane is not around, and calmly confronts Shiki, who has been playing a prank on Natsuha, saying, "You need to be punished for this".

He is good at taking care of the children, even helping them in their own various circumstances.

As the head of the detective agency, he is good at solving and making sure the job is done right.

Powers & Abilities

Inugami produces a gun.

  • Creation: Inugami is able to change parts of his body as he desired.
    • Object Creation: Inugami is able to produe an object from his hand. Example of this is a gun, it is able to fire bullets, but it's unknown what the bullets are made of. [2]
  • Skin Hardening: Inugami can turn his skin into metal. However, turning his skin into metal takes a lot of time, but is unknown how long it takes for him to cover his whole body. [3]
  • Object Illusion: Inugami can make an illusion by transforming an object into an exact replica of a certain object, for an indefinite period of time. The transformed object has roughly the same mass as the object it was before.[4]
  • Animal Shapeshifting: Inugami can transform himself as a regular sized tanuki [5] and a life-sized tanuki, even bigger than the size of a average human. [6]


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  • Inugami doesn't care being on full display. [7]
  • Inugami does not wear an apron when cooking, particulary he doesn't care about it. [7]
  • He likes soba. [8]
  • Inugami doesn't cut his hair because it's a pain and he's lazy. [9]


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