Kon ( (こん) , Kon?) is a kitsune who formerly worked under Yoko Inari.


Kon has the appearance of a young girl. She has long blond hair, which she tied into pigtails. She has blue eyes and wears fingerless gloves.

She wears a white hoodie with ears that conceal her large fox ears. On the sleeves is a black stripe and the letters 'FO' are stitched on the hoodie. On the left side of her hood are two hairclips; one normal which is pink, one in the shape of an ice cream cone with blue ice cream and sprinkles. On the back of her hoodie is a print of some sort of animal.

She wears black leggings with pink stripes and white sneakers.


While seeming emotionless at first Kon does her best to please her superior lady Inari who she perceives as a mother. She gets extremely mad at those who insult her.

She is not very intelligent or emotionally stable. Because she wants to be a "good girl" more than anything she will do anything to fulfill that role. If anything happens that she believes will prevent her from fulfilling that role, she becomes disoriented and goes into a blind rage.

Powers & Abilities

Kon is a kitsune and posses the standard abilities of the species:

  • Superhuman strength: Kon is strong enough to cut someone's head off. [2]
  • Illusion creation: Kon can create illusions to confuse her enemies.
    • Illusionary Environment: Kon can create illusions which can change the appearance of the environment surrounding her. [2]
  • Pyrokinesis: As a kitsune, Kon has the power to create and control flames. She uses flames to attack her enemies.[2]

Kon disguises as Kabane.

  • Shapeshifting: Kon can shift between her human form and her Kemono form. She can partially transform parts of her body into that of her kitsune form. [2] Her transformation ability seems to be somewhat flawed as she is unable to conceal her fox ears in human form. She can also use it to disguise herself to impersonate or disguise as another person.


Kabane Kusaka

Kon was sent to hide Kabane's head in a case and sneak away but was apprehended by Shiki and Akira. She was defeated in a battle. She was sent again to capture the life calcalus from Kabane. This failed as she had presented Yoko with a necklace that was under an illusion placed by Inugami. After, she was ignored by Yoko and went to the nearby park. Kabane stumbles upon her and she fights him. He made a promise to her that he will come back after he drops off food but, was sent on a mission to solve a problem with the kemono in the sewers. Kabane came back to the park after remembering his promise a few days later, she was happy and wanted to share her fish with him once he came back.

Yoko Inari

Kon idolizes her and wants her attention as well as her approval.

Aya Tademaru

Often competes with her for Kabane's attention. Aya helped save her life using her thread to heal her body when the bomb Nobimaru planted had gone off.


He killed her after finding out she had failed the task Yoko had given her. He actually cared for her and didn't want her under Yoko's control so if she was dead, it would free her from it. This also plays apart in the deal Kabane made to add Nobimaru to his friends list.


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  • Kon's favorite food is ice cream, fish and fruit.[1]
  • Kon's least favorite food is pepper.[1]
  • She is not against being on full display. [3]
  • She likes udon since she hates wasabi. [4]
  • Her preferred type is Kabane.[5]
  • She doesn't like her ears being touched or else she will bite one's fingers off. Kabane is the exception.


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