If you are still telling me to live on, you best prepare something fairly amusing, or else I'll be troubled.
— Mihai to Inugami, [1]

Mihai Florescu (ミハイ フロレスク, Mihai Furoresuku?) is a member of the Inugami Detective Agency and a vampire.


Mihai has the appearance of a young man, though his real age is unknown. He has silver hair that reaches above his shoulders. His eyes have a down-turned shaped and a bright red hue. He has sharp teeth and nails, alongside pointy ears.

Mihai's outfit consists of a mid length-sleeved gray sweatshirt with matching gray pants. He'll sometimes also be wearing his black, red, and silver over-the-ear gaming headphones around his neck.


Mihai is a callous and self-centered individual who considers the people around him to be toys for his amusement. He is willing to lie and manipulate others into perilous situations for his own entertainment. He does not seem to be able to understand how other people react to the result of his actions. Even Inugami considered Mihai to be potentially dangerous and volatile when he is in a bad mood[4]. However, he is not actively malicious and is willing to offer assistance as long as he finds the situation interesting[2].

Although he has a nonchalant and laidback attitude, Mihai has surprising diligence and dedication to whatever he has set out to do. Once he has agreed to work on something, he will deliver the best possible result, even to the detriment of his temporary enjoyment. For example, when he agreed to train Shiki in a video game, he went out of his way to prepare him food and bedding, among other in-game caretaking functions, either to ensure Shiki is in the best of health, or to not break immersion of his video game[5].

Mihai hates boredom and not having anything to interest him. Currently, his main interest is online games. He is shown to be quite displeased whenever someone interrupts his gaming time, though the degree varies[4][6].

As he is an accomplished polymath, Mihai takes great pride in his skills and creations. He self professes to many titles, however, it is difficult to discern whether those titles were true or whether his aptitude actually match up to his vanity. Mihai enjoys receiving praise and acknowledgement for his knowledge and expertise[1][5]. He is displeased whenever anyone expresses doubt and disbelief about his abilities[2][6].


Mihai is a several hundred years old vampire kemono from Romania. Over his life he has apparently acquired professional-level expertise and knowledge in numerous fields, to the point that he had run out of things to do. Some time in the past he became an acquaintance to Kohachi Inugami. When Mihai had started to become disillusioned with life, Inugami asked him to come to Japan and work for the former's detective agency, where he become absorbed in Japanese online games[4].

Powers & Abilities

  • Superhuman physical strength: Mihai is mentioned to be inhumanly strong due to being a vampire. The extent of his true physical strength is yet unknown. He was able to defeat Kabane effortlessly in arm wrestling, although the latter was not using his kemono strength and Mihai still incurred an injury as a a result[4].
  • Superhuman intelligence: Mihai is mentioned to possess great intelligence. He is apparently able to understand and apply knowledge from various fields of study. He also displays the ability to multitask, simultaneously playing his video game and attempting to hack the Ogre Ham facilities[7].
  • Half immortality & Perennial Youth: A common trait of vampires according to Inugami. The specifics of his immortality are unknown. He appears as a young man in his twenties although his true age is in the hundreds[8].


  • Telecommunication and Information Technology: Mihai is a technology enthusiast. As someone who knows technology pretty well, he can create websites and prevent cellphone data from being leaked[4]. He is also a competent video game developer and hacker.
    • Mihai Quest (ミハイクエスト, Mihai Kuesuto): an open world roleplaying game Mihai developed during server maintenance of his game. He later modified the game to serve as a training module for Shiki[9].
  • Machinery Skills: As Mihai formerly worked with machines, he can create gadgets and other remote-controlled devices. Some of his works are:
    • Mihai Magnum (ミハイマグナム, Mihai Magunamu?): A remodeled mini four-wheeler that is radio-controlled, outfitted with optical camouflage and a camera.[2]
    • Big Brother (にいさん, nīsan?): The AI equipped on Akira's stuffed animal. It has various functions, including a GPS tracker and internet access[10].
    • Omnidirectional VR Device (歩行型VR装置, Hōkō-gata VR Sōchi?): A special VR game device designed to register the player's three-dimensional movements. It is capable of inflicting damage equivalent to which the player incurs in the game. [9].
  • Sewing Skills: Mihai has basic sewing skills, this is shown when he was asked to mend Akira's stuff animal. He proclaims himself as the Transylvania's Sewing Box. [10]
  • Culinary Skills: Mihai is a competent cook. He is able to make a variety of dishes[5].
  • Gaming Skills: Mihai is dedicated to online video games. He seems to be a gamer of great skills, earning the praise of many of his fellow gamers[9].


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  • He is an employee for 3 years and 2 months. [3]
  • His favorite games are MMORPGs, F(T)PSs and multiplayer fighting games. [3]
  • His not-so-favorite games are offline (single player) games. [3]
  • He doesn't ever wear underpants; in the author's words, "He doesn't believe in them."
  • Mihai has a Youtube channel named "mihai games" with 2.33 subscribers and 2098 videos. [11]
  • He is not against being on full display. [12]
  • He does not wear an apron when cooking, particularly he doesn't care about it. He proclaims himself as the Transylvania's Gourmet Society [12]
  • He doesn't particularly like udon or soba more, he just wants to fight. [8]
  • His favorite game is the "Final Dragoon". [9]
  • His favorite things are new experiences, canned pomegranates, unending praise, and "dogeza". [9]
  • He isn't good at understanding the feelings of other people (with short life spans).[13]


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