Shiki Tademaru (蓼丸 (たでまる) (しき) , Tademaru Shiki?) is a half-Arachne, half-human hybrid. He is an employee of the Kemono office.


Shiki is a teenage boy with light purple hair. He wears a purple jacket with a black web motif on it. The sleeves and collar are black with white stripes. He wears white pants with red shoes.


Shiki initially comes off as a bully, holding his age of one year over Kabane's head as an authority, and telling the other boy they aren't friends because they're both hybrids. But this is shown to only be a facade, as he shows surprise at Kabane never having had pizza, and laughing when the other first had trouble trying it. But as Akira says, he's only self-conscious due to the fact another hybrid sits under the same roof as him.

When on a job, he can see things in a calm and cautious manner. He is also able to judge and react to things in a fast manner, like using his thread to protect him and Akira from Kon's attacks. However, he can also be seen with a short temper. When faced with intimidating enemies, he has the tendency to freeze up but always manages to defeat his enemy.


Up until he came to Inugami's detective agency and before his uncle took care of him, he lived in Kinshi-Go in the Gunma Prefecture with his mother. [2]

Powers & Abilities

Because Shiki is half-Archane he posses some of the species abilities:

  • Thread creation: Shiki can create threads just like a spider. However, he can change the structure of the thread making it possible to make all kinds of threads. The threads are made out of his sweat or spit.[3]
    • Water hardening thread: Shiki can create a type of thread that in contact with water will harden it. If the hardened water is heated it will return into a liquid. [4]
  • Thread manipulation: Shiki possesses the ability to control the threads he creates.
  • Bug Camouflage (擬態する虫の, Gitai Suru Mushi no?) : Shiki is able to make himself invisible [5]


Manga Appearances
Chapters in order of appearance


  • He is employed for 8 months. [1]
  • He spends his paycheck on clothes, shoes, and video games. [1]
  • Animals don't seem to like Shiki so he has a quick temper. [6]
  • Shiki doesn't care being on full display. [7]
  • He wears an apron when cooking, because he doesn't want to get his clothes dirty. [7]
  • He likes soba. [8]
  • His preferred type is a stylish, modestly-dressed girl. [9]
  • In his fake driver's license his date of birth is 10-11-1996


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