Snow Kemono (猫の怪物, Yuki no Kemono?) is a type of kemono.


It is a kemono that can control snow and ice [1]


The population of the snow kemono comprised of 200 female snow kemonos and sole male snow kemono who is born only every 100 years. The female snow kemono who bears a boy always dies. [2]


  • The sole snow kemono becomes the snow village chief. He has the duty and responsibility to impregnate all the women in the village.[2]
  • Women are the ones who do the hunting and those who could have not children are the first ones to die when the foods are scarce. [2]
  • Women who bear a great number of children are the most revered. [2]
  • The women of the village wears a white kimono and their faces are hidden using a cloth, the purpose of which to avoid subconsciously creating a pecking order on appearance. [2]
  • It seems that when the former snow village chief becomes impotent, he will be put in an isolated chamber, with no contact from the rest of the snow village.[2]

Known Snow Kemono

Male Snow Kemono


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