Yoko Inari (飯生 妖子, Inari Yoko?) is the head of the Metropolitan Police Department.


Inari is an adult woman with long red hair. She has a hourglass shape body. She wears a dark purple shirt with a light purple and blue jabot and high-waist long white pencil skirt. She also wears a white fur coat and white stiletto heels.


Selfish and cruel, Yoko uses her illusions to control the police department and will throw away anyone that no longer fits her agenda. On the outside, she portrays herself as a nice and cheerful lady. She also doesn't hesitate to kill anyone just to cool down her anger. [1] She is manipulative and sadistic, even using Kon as a servant, and making her believe that she is useful and important to her and even muddied her memories. [2]



When she is first introduced to the story, she and Inugami were allies although they didn't particularly like each other. They become enemies and hate each other after she tried to steal Kabane's Life Calculus multiple times, and Inugami's group attacked her human meat company.

Powers & Abilities

As a kitsune, Inari can perform illusions.


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Introduction Arc


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